Cambridge Tech Climate Action Network

We are a group of technologists and engineers who work for Cambridge employers and are keen to see local companies respond effectively to the mounting climate and ecological emergencies that the world faces.

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To see our open letter to those who are taking part in Earthstrike, please scroll down!

Upcoming Events

September 20-27 - Earthstrike

Join us on the 20-27th of Sept for the week of global climate strike, here in Cambridge. There is a wide range of ways you can express your support for the strikers organised by various groups. We’ve collected everything we know about for tech workers here, please get in touch if you know of more!

Date Where What
Thu 19 Sep
Reality Checkpoint, Parkers Piece XR Cambridge:
Critical Mass Emergency Ride, Announcing the Climate Strike
Fri 20 Sep
Shire Hall Youth Strike 4 Climate:
Marching to Kings Parade, scheduled to arrive at 11am for die-in
Fri 20 Sep
Trinity Centre, Science Park Solidarity Gathering: Group walk around the Science Park.
Fri 20 Sep
Grass outside Microsoft Research Inter-company Climate Emergency Picnic
Fri 20 Sep
6pm - 8pm
Kings Parade Youth Strike 4 Climate: Vigil (workers are specifically invited to participate)
23 - 27 Sep
Kings Parade Youth Strike 4 Climate: Themed Vigils

Letter to School & Climate Strikers

We are a group of tech workers based in Cambridge, drawn from some of the most influential technology companies in the world. We are professional researchers, scientists and engineers, whose careers and livelihoods have been enabled by the education that we were lucky enough to receive. Even with our own experience of the importance of school education and the lifelong benefits that it confers, we declare ourselves in full support of your strike.

We are writing this letter to express our certainty that your action is justified. Continuing with “business as usual” will lead to climate breakdown: this is incontestable. Despite dire warnings from the IPCC, despite the suffering of those on the front line of the climate crisis today, and despite the pleading and protests of millions of people around the world, CO2 emissions continue to rise unabated. Increases in dangerous weather, massive food shortages and even the collapse of society are looming on the horizon. Though the media coverage has been woefully inadequate, it is clear that climate breakdown is already a reality for many in the global south. As painful as it is to admit it, without urgent change at all levels of society the future for the youth of today looks increasingly bleak.

We cannot begin to act with the urgency needed to avert this unfolding catastrophe until we acknowledge this harsh truth. We applaud the courage of today’s student strikers in embracing this difficult reality and we add our voices in support.

As engineers and technically skilled workers we can build the zero-carbon infrastructure that will be required for a sustainable, just, and equal society. We want to fulfill the extraordinary opportunity our positions afford us to influence the world for the better - though today we too often fall short. We admit that there is a massive environmental cost to the work that we do. With every innovation we render existing technology obsolete, and generate increased demand for materials mined and processed under appalling conditions. Changing this state of affairs may seem an insurmountable challenge, but we believe that it can and must be done.

The science is clear, and nature cannot be fooled.

Yours, the undersigned: …

Please sign our open letter and add your voice in support so that our employers can understand the importance of this issue. We intend to publish the list of signatories with the letter in the newspaper, please only sign up if you are happy to have your name printed alongside it!

Response from the Cambridge Schools Eco-Council

Dear Cambridge Tech Climate Action leaders,

Thank you for this support message from the science and tech community, which is massively encouraging for me, and for many of my friends who are student leaders in the Cambridge Schools Eco-council and climate strikes. We’re all different kinds of people with different interests in the youth climate movement, of course. But many of us students love learning about science and technology, especially green tech. We hope to dedicate our studies and our futures - if we still have futures in spite of Climate change - to discovering and fighting for the widest possible adoption of sustainable development solutions to the current climate and biodiversity crises. This affirming message from brilliant Cambridge scientists, experts and practitioners is beyond supportive - they are confirming that our fears are real and justified, that the reality and impacts of climate change are urgent, but also that all solutions are desperately needed, offering us innovation, inspiration and hope. It’s deeply appreciated. People tell us that if we’re concerned about climate change, we must be losers who could never do well in school, find real jobs, or build good futures - but they’re wrong, and this message from leading scientists and technology specialists proves it.

We hope everyone can all join us on the 20-27th of Sept for the week of global climate strike, here in Cambridge, with a students march and die-in (everyone invited) on the 20th Sept from 9:30 at Shire Hall and 11:00 at Kings Parade, and in the evening workers march at 6:00pm, and also in our schools eco-council vigils every night from 6-8pm on Kings Parade during the global week of action (23-27 Sept).

Thank you,

Jona Cordonier Gehring (14, Eco-Council Spokeskid and Primary Roundtable Co-Chair, Kings College School Leaver 2019)

Cambridge Schools Eco-Council - Empowering pupils to protect our planet!


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